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 financial Services

As a Licensed Broker in Financial Services, I am dedicated in protecting what you love the most and what you have worked so hard for.  A financial analysis of your personal and/or business determines your current financial status.  It is an inventory of all your debt, income, expenses, current assets which include your checking, savings and any other accounts.  A financial analysis also identifies patterns, concerns and goals.

After the financial analysis is complete, the following steps are next:

1.  Determine your strategic plan.

2.  Prioritize your objectives.

3.  Develop and customized a strategic plan that is suitable to your needs.

4.  Execute and Manage Your Plan.

5.  Review and revise your plan every six months to a year or whenever necessary.

  • Business Financial Analysis​

  • Personal Financial Analysis

  • Annuities

  • Budget Planning

  • Life Insurance

  • College Funding

  • Retirement Planning

  • Disability Income Replacement

  • Business Income Replacement

  • Final Expenses

  • Long Term Care

  • Key Man Insurance

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

  • Using Life Insurance as a Mortgage Protection

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